designer Ineke Hans
SMALLROOM is a sofa that goes along the lines of the successful O2ASIS initiative. SMALLROOM can be used together in different modules or standing alone.  The design of SMALLROOM is characterized by a “box” on the side which can be used for placing plants or as a working surface with optional power devices. The back of the sofa can be compared to a high wall functioning as a sort of protection when one is seated, and creates the impression of a smaller room. However, the height of the back is not compromising with the volume of the surrounding room. SMALLROOM is offered with different back and side heights, which provide the architect a possibility to create environments that evoke interest, through the help of different dimensions. In contemporary office environments one often talk about active areas; where different kinds of work, conversations and meetings can take place. SMALLROOM is developed in accordance with this and invites individually or group activities at work. – The series SMALLROOM contains only a few elements, but provides for many different possibilities and variations, says Ineke Hans. Smallroom is available the following
Options: writing tablet, in wenge laminate or white pigmented oak laminate (20x65 cm). Writing tablet with flower pot (anthracite, ø13 cm, height 9.5 cm).
Writing tablet with two power devices.
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